Looking for a fun out-door activity to do? Check out the Berry Homestead Farm! Not only is the farm family friendly, but they also have many different crops and animals to show. Located at 936 Sheffield Lane in Lyndhurst, they are mostly known for their donkeys. During your time outdoors, Annick Rousseau and Jean Sebastien Gagne will guide you throughout the farm where you will see many different animals, crops, agriculture, and gardens. The Berry Homestead Farm also has a small shop where they sell goods such as scented and unscented soaps, Elderberry Vinegar, and different flavors of jams, syrups, and teas. 

The tour starts off with either Annick or Jean Sebastien greeting you and asking you to read the rules of the farm. You will then be asked to wash your hands. After, you get to meet the donkeys! They will share some fun facts about the donkeys while you are petting, hugging, and cuddling with them. After you have had your fun, you will be shown the chickens. During your time with the chickens, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have. The next exciting animals you will get to see are turkey and geese. Annick or Jean Sebastien will share some cool facts about the turkey and baby geese! Lastly you will learn the various gardening methods the farm uses and what they grow there. 

Due to the pandemic, it is asked that you please wear a mask to your visit. Thankfully since the farm is outside, the activities are very COVID safe. Annick and Jean Sebastien ensure that you wash your hand before and after the visit. This is both for your and the animal's health.

Our staff’s experience


The Berry Homestead Farm was an amazing experience, I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to visit the farm. During my time, Jean-Sebastien guided me and my co-worker around. He shared some fun facts about the donkeys and explained how to take care of them. We also got to see other animals like chickens, geese, and even turkeys. Both Annick and Jean-Sebastien were lovely people and super kind overall. Throughout the tour, Jean-Sebastien encouraged us to interact with the animals and ask questions. He was always polite and patient with us at all times, and the farm itself is very family friendly. Overall, I really enjoyed taking the touring and getting to learn about the animals and the farm. I would definetly recommend the farm as a day activity to others. 


Getting to spend the day out at the farm was an incredible experience. It’s not often you get to say that you took a selfie with a donkey. The staff were super friendly and really make you feel at home! It was totally shocking how friendly and cuddly the donkeys are. They have everything from donkeys to turkeys, bees and strawberries. This farm is definitely a place to make long lasting memories.