Where can I put my boat in?

There is a free boat launch at Kate St. and St. Lawrence St. - the Lions Launch. There is however no trailer parking on site so use of our off site trailer parking at 600 King St E.

What does Gananoque Mean?

Gananoque is a name of First Nations origin. In its present spelling it has a French ending and appears nowhere else on the North American continent.

Some say the name means “Town on two Rivers” (the St Lawrence River and the Gananoque River), or “meadow rising out of the water”, or water flowing over rocks”.

Local historian John Nalon writes that to many the name means “the Place of Health” since First Nations peoples would make their way to these shores where the Gananoque River flows into the St Lawrence every spring. It is said that as they enjoyed the spring sunshine in this place their winter illnesses, including scurvy, were healed.

Where can I park overnight?

There is no overnight parking permitted in any municipal parking lot in Gananoque except at the Lou Jeffries TLTI Recreation Centre 600 King St E. 

Where’s the Nearest National Park Island and how do I get there?

The closest national park island is McDonald Island which is less than 1km away from Gananoque. It is part of the Admiralty Islands which also contains four other national park Islands: Aubrey Island, Mermaid Island, Beau Rivage Island, and Thwartway Island.

These islands are all accessible by canoe, kayak, and boat. There are many companies that will rent out boats for the day or even shuttle you to an island.

How can I see the 1000 islands?

There are many different ways to see the 1000 islands region. One of the most popular ways is by boat. Wither you rent a kayak, canoe, or motor boat or use one of the many boat tour companies in Gananoque and the surrounding region, you will have the opportunity to witness the breathtaking beauty of the 1000 islands. You can also drive along the 1000 islands Parkway along the St Lawrence and stop along the way at viewing areas and quaint villages. The 1000 Islands tower also allows you to see up to 60 miles of the 1000 islands in all directions from their observation deck. Or you could have a one in a life time experience and take a helicopter ride over the 1000 Islands region. It’s all up to you!

Is there any place that I can barbeque?

There are barbeque pits available for use up at Kinsmen Park on the outskirts of town on Stone St.

Can I bring my own? Unfortunately there aren't any places that you can use your own BBQ (for permit reasons)

Where are the nearby picnic areas?

There are quite a few picnic areas in Gananoque, all equipped with picnic benches and their own special features:

Town Park- Main St East by town hall, Features a play structure and historical plaques/information.

Confederation Park- Main St East, on the Gananoque River, Sculptures and art pieces.

Joel Stone Park- Water St. On the St Lawrence River, Beach, Splash Pad, Play Structure.

Kinsmen Park- Stone St, On the Gananoque River, Barbeque Pits

Bluff Park: Windsor Lane, Overlooking the St Lawrence, Quiet

Grass Creek ParkTowards Kingston Highway 2, On the St Lawrence River

St Lawrence Park/Ivy Lea- towards Brockville, 1000 islands Parkway, On the St Lawrence River