Activities to do in nature


Our area is also full of different hiking, biking and walking trails. The trails in Gananoque start at Confederation park and loop all the way around town! After completing the trails in Gananoque, head out to the 1000 islands parkway where there is a world-famous paved cycling path next to the road. Catch an awesome glimpse of the islands while on your walk or bike ride. While on the parkway be sure to stop by the Landon’s Bay and Jones Creek hiking trails as well.

Boat Cruise 

Boat cruises are another way to get close to nature. Both City Cruises Gananoque and Rockport Cruises offer tours that go around the islands and even cover different artifacts such as Boldt Castle and the sunken ships in our area! Getting to learn about the history and fun facts about the islands is a super cool experience. 


Looking to get up close and personal with nature? Head down to the 1000 Islands Kayaking Co. and take a guided or self-guided tour around the islands and see animals ranging from little fish to big herons. 

Helicopter’s and Tower 

Are you wanting to gain a new perspective on what our area has to offer? The 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours and the 1000 Islands Tower will take you to new heights. Getting to see the 1864 wonders on the St. Lawrence river will surely broaden your horizons. 


Spending the afternoon at the park with the family is an amazing way to spend your time here. With all of the fun you’ll have, we’re sure you will never want to leave! We have an abundance of parks ranging with everything from spots to swim to play structures, making sure everyone has a blast. 

  • Steel Workers Park- River Street, Gananoque 
  • Joel Stone Park and Splash Pad- Water Street, Gananoque
  • Confederation Park- King Street, Gananoque
  • Agnes Maule Machar Park- Windsor Street, Gananoque 
  • Kinsmen Park- Stone Street, Gananoque
  • Town Park- King Street, Gananoque 
  • Oak Street Park- Oak Street, Gananoque
  • Thousand Islands National Park- Thousand Islands Parkway, Mallorytown
  • Charleston Lake Park- Woodvale Road, Lansdowne 
  • Landon’s Bay- Thousand Islands Parkway, Lansdowne 
  • Cranberry Park- Leo Lake Road, Seeley’s Bay 
  • Haskins Point- Haskins Point Road, Seeley’s Bay