I found the ultimate spot to put a smile on your face – a farm where you can snuggle donkeys. Berry Homestead Farm in Lyndhurst is a hidden gem that you need to visit if you love seeing cute animals.

Berry Homestead Farm is an off-the-grid farm where you can enjoy seeing friendly donkeys up close. From Ottawa, it is 1 hour and 30 minutes away, or just 25 minutes from Gananoque.

What To Expect

Together with the farm owners, you’ll get to enter the fenced area where several of the donkeys live. They have several types that dramatically vary in size, so you’ll see some that are nearly as big as a horse.

When I went, there even were two adorable baby donkeys!

Once inside the pen, you’ll be given a brush and enjoy the relaxing experience of brushing the gentle giants. I was surprised as the animals aren’t skittish around new people at all.

Instead, the moment I arrived, they were waiting at the gate to say hello. One of the mothers even walked up and put her head on my shoulder as a “hug.”

Throughout the visit, the farm owners will teach you all sorts of interesting details about their animals. They are such intelligent creatures, and it was fascinating to discover how protective and caring they are.

At the end of the visit, you’ll also have the opportunity to buy some of their handmade products. They carry a variety of jams made with their elderberry plants. But the must-buy product is their soaps.

I’ve never in my life have had hands feel as well moisturized when washing my hands. The soaps are made with donkey’s milk and come in a vast lineup of scents and types. 

You’ll want to make sure you have shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, as it can get a bit muddy. Also, unlike visiting horses stables, donkeys don’t smell.

How Much Does It Cost

You can book a one hour and 30-minute visit on their Facebook page for $10 per person. 

Soaps and jams are 3 for 20, and you can mix and match if you wish. I opted for two soaps and one jar of preserves.

Final Thoughts

My afternoon at Berry Homestead Farm was pure joy. Not only could I see how well cared for the animals were, but I learned so much too.

I left feeling relaxed and so grateful for the memory. I understand why the donkeys are used as therapy animals; they sure brought a massive smile to my face.

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by Stephanie White Travels - Republished with permission